Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Design Manager/Creative Director

What Route did you take to the role you are in now?

I took a Junior Graphic Designer Role just before I was about to start a Degree course at Ravensbourne. In that 7 years I worked up to Senior Designer, moved to New Look to get into faster trend led high street work. Then I made the move into the supplier route gaining huge experience of managing people and quickly became Design Manager. My next move is into a Creative Director role managing a larger team across Menswear, Ladieswear, PR & Marketing.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day starts at 6am. Factories I liaise from around the world are already awake and working, so I get a coffee and get going with them. On the way to work I inspire myself using different social media platforms before entering my workplace. Bringing the team together to discuss ideas early on is a key part of my day, so we are set for our day ahead with mini goals to achieve. The rest of the day is very much about supporting my designers and giving positive and direct feedback in order to complete projects.

First Job: Expectation Vs. Reality?

I expected it to take a while to gain trust to tackle large projects etc, but actually the reality is you realise your place quite quickly, your there to provide newness and sharpen up your skills and technique. To assist the team and allow them to play to their strengths. Picking up business strategies takes time, years of understanding why decisions are made etc, but something you begin to understand.

Something you wish you knew when you graduated?

I would say many courses prep you well for technically abilities and understand how to tackle projects etc. The one element I wish I knew more about before starting is the business aspect of the industry, what the numbers mean/ costing jobs and finding your worth which you eventually do.

What advice would you give graduates to break in to the fashion industry?

My advice to any student would be don't be shy. Ask people questions/ talk to people, soak up as much knowledge as possible/ continue to study. “You never stop learning”. Be prepped before tackling any project. Preparation / Research should be natural once you understand that once your prepared, the actual task ahead is so much easier.

What is your career high?

I guess my career high is the very start (breaking into the industry) and now, building and managing successful teams. See designers go on to great things is a great feeling too.

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