Freelance Designer: Amy Poole Designs

What route did you take to the role you are in now?

During my last employed role, I had been thinking about going freelance for a while due to one of my main accounts being Dunnes stores. As I lived in Manchester I was having to fly over to Ireland once a week, then be back in the office next day for 8am - and that was after the hour long commute! It was all starting to take a bit of a toll so I took a leap and set up a website and contacted everyone I could think of and it all went from there.

What does a typical day look like for you?

In my home office, I'll check my emails first as most of my work comes from a factory in Sri Lanka - so due to the time difference its important to check in with the team first thing. Then it really depends whereI am in the season, I may spend the rest of the day pulling my new mood or trend boards together, or designing and creating tech packs to send to the factories. I also travel to meetings with buyers i'm working with once a month and travel to Sri Lanka twice a year to the factories. There are also lots of trips to London to do comp shops.

First Job: Expectation Vs. Reality?

My first role was at Fruit of the Loom. I really learnt the basics and lots of admin in this role! But, it was a great place for me to start and helped me progress to my next role at Next, which offered a much faster pace.

Something you wish you knew when you graduated?

Don't take negative feedback personally. I would almost feel a personal attack when the buyers didn't love every single one of my items as much as I did! They have to be commercial and think about what sells.

What advice would you give to graduates breaking in to the industry?

Be yourself! I used to think I had to be a certain way to be seen as professional and successful. People will work with people they like, so just be yourself and don't pretend to be anyone else.

What is your career high?

I have travelled to so many countries and also relocated around the UK because of my work. My career high would also be the confidence my job has given me to do this.

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